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spark arrestor- standard type SA according EN 1834-1

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Spark Arrestor- Standard type SA according EN 1834-1

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Principal The Spark Arrestor type SA has its function to prevent materials usually sparks and other flameable carbon particles leaving the exhaust system.
Function The operation of the Spark Arrestors is based on physical centrifugal forces. Gases are forced creating a rotary movements by way of a fixed number of angeled positioned blades. As a result the heavy carbon particles are smoothly collected in the designed soot box

  • Maintenance For correct operation of the spark arrestor, it is important to remove the cap at regular intervals, so catched particles can be removed
  • Spark Arrestor The Spark Arrestor type SA can be installed in exhaust systems where sparks, flamable carbon particles, or other parts have to be separated
  • Mounting The Spark Arrestor can be installed both horizontal and vertical
  • Exhaust Gas Speed Advised Exhaust Gas Speed between 20-50 m/s 
  • Material Spark Arrestors type AS are produced out of Steel 37-2 (S235JRG2)
  • Temperature Maximum allowable temperature is 600 ºC 
  • Custom Made Spark Arrestors are also manufactured based on specific dimensions or client’s requirements
  • Webshop You can fined the Spark Arrestors (Type SA) in our Exhaust system shop


Type Approvals - Certificates for SA type Spark Arrestors:


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